Open Source

I've made substantial contributions to a number of open source projects in several areas. The projects below are some of the more important contributions.


I'm (presently) the developer of an ambitious project to write an entire SoftPLC in Rust.


I'm one of the contributors to the OWASP Software Component Verification Standard. SCVS defines controls for evaluating risk in your software supply chain.


OpenPLC Project is a complete solution for programming programmable logic controllers (PLCs) using IEC 61131-3 languages (such as structured text and ladder diagrams).

I was active in the project working on core runtime improvements, automated testing, and migrated the website to GitHub Pages.


pyopendnp3 is a fork of pydnp3 where I maintain support for Windows capabilities including producing wheels that all you to use DNP3 in Python on Windows without needing a C++ compiler.


openfmb-device-simulator is a simple application to bootstrap development of OpenFMB messaging capabilities with NATS. It creates several simple devices that publish and subscribe to NATS channels using the OpenFMB information model and is the fastest way to get started with OpenFMB.


pcb-tools is Python library for parsing and manipulating Gerber (RS-274) and Excellon files that are the de facto standard used for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing. I contributed support for aperture macros, drill files, and countless bug fixes.