A project I’m working on uses StyleCop to automatically enforce a set of style and consistency rules. It took some time for me to get a project setup because the StyleCop SDK is missing a few details. Until I got this right, my rules were never loaded, even if the DLL itself was loaded.

  • The namespace is important. It must match the project name.
  • You must use .NET Framework 3.5

If you have those setup, then the rest of the guide works correctly.

I also put together an example project that has everything setup correctly in case someone wants to start with that. To use the project

  • open the project,
  • compile,
  • put the output DLL in the StyleCop installation directory

Loading the rules should show the custom rule.

Note This project works with StyleCop 4.7. To use with a different version, you will need to update the Reference to point to the right version.