Success at Work

01 Apr 2010 | Less than one-minute read

I’ve had a couple of really good days at work. I spent about 16 months in 2008-2009 developing a major new feature for our flagship product. It primarily consists of schematic capture and export to VHDL for programming FPGAs, and while it can have more general use, a primary concern was teaching logic to high school students. I put in significant effort designing it specifically to be easy to use for high school students particularly so that they would not need to have particular knowledge about VHDL in order to express their design on an FPGA.

The product has been in the market since the beginning of this year, and support and marketing have started to get feedback. In comparison to other features which have exhibited problems, feedback for the feature I developed has been exceptionally positive. It seems my efforts have truly paid off, and I am truly proud of the work I did. I hope my current project will be as successful.