It was my turn today to come up with impromptu speaking topics for our club at work. I decided to do a role-playing theme with the following roles.

  • Fortune teller (for someone who has 30 days to live)
  • School teacher (explain to parents why student is in detention)
  • Parent (explain why your child shouldn’t have been punished)
  • Sports Reporter (reporting on sport of choice)
  • Scientist (explain one of plate tectonics, global warming, or non-electronics topic of your choice)
  • Politician #1 (why should you be elected?)
  • Politician #2 (explain why other politician shouldn’t be elected?)
  • Street charity representative (sell your charity “More Money for the Rich”)
  • Formula 1 driver (shipping made a mistake and sent a go-cart; interview how do you plan to win?)
  • Cable TV installation (explain what is wrong, or explain why you are on time)
  • Witness for Prosecution (tell us what you saw)
  • Defendant (why the witness is all wrong)
  • Dentist (confront a client about something)
  • Husband/wife (why the gift you bought was perfect, even though not liked)

To make things interesting, the parent, politician #1 and defendant were automatically decided for the next talker when the school teacher, politician #1 or witness were selected.